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Fencing: So Many Options


If you’re thinking of installing a new fence system or replacing an old dilapidated fence, consider the numerous options available. Most people use wood or vinyl, however, there are many fence options available today.

You can do the fence yourself as a DIY project, which involves a lot of labor in addition to purchasing materials, tools, and supplies. In addition, if you choose to hire help to install the fence, review your homeowner insurance policy to see if injuries and liability are covered. Contact your insurance agent to discuss purchasing an additional policy. It is better to have the proper coverage. Or, you can hire a professional fence installation company. Check for their credentials, business license, and references. Check to ensure that they have their own insurance including workman’s compensation coverage. Check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Before you begin your fence project, well in advance, contact your local building code enforcement office for the rules about putting up a fence. Some neighborhood associations have rules about fences, so check with your association office. As well, check the property lines. If your neighbors have fences that will join to your fence, you might want to let them know that you will be putting up a new fence. However, if you don’t have nearby neighbors to consider, then, just check on the property lines and check with the building code office.

Below is an average, per linear foot cost, for various fence materials. Prices vary per region and state.

Fence Material Type and cost per linear foot

Metal/Chain Link          $7 per linear foot

Wood                         $12 per linear foot

Vinyl                          $17 per linear foot

Aluminum                  $26 per linear foot


Labor cost per linear foot

Metal/Chain Link       $10 cost per linear foot

Wood                        $12 cost per linear foot

Vinyl                          $  7 cost per linear foot

Aluminum                  $10 + cost per linear foot


Every type of fence type has its advantages and disadvantages. Before starting your project, think about the type of fence you want to install and plan for the future by considering the type of weather, lay of the land, the lifespan of the fence material, and the maintenance of the fence. If you are replacing a fence, check the entire fence to ensure which parts of the fence may need replacing. Plan to purchase replacement materials. Before you begin the project, ensure that you have the proper materials. Or if you will be hiring a fence installation company, work with the company to ensure who will be responsible for providing the fence materials. Check every part of the contract. Make sure it mentions the cost of all fence materials, supplies, fence hardware, labor, and installation costs. Don’t leave anything to chance. Before the contract is signed, ensure you understand your part of the contract cost including all materials and labor. As well, check to see what the company will be providing for their part of the contract. Obtain estimates before choosing a company and signing a legal contract.